Born in Ashton-U-Lyne in 1961, it was apparent from an early age that Brian had natural artistic skills. Having a keen interest in drawing and painting throughout his childhood, during his school years his main interest was always in the art room. It was the subject he enjoyed the most and the one he had the greatest enthusiasm for.

Upon leaving school Brian continued to draw and paint, studying art at Tameside College of Art and Technology. Brian’s working career started in the drawing office of a large sign company producing production and design drawings. He progressed to manage the office for a number of years before redundancy forced a change of career direction. Over the following years his career continued to twist and turn but art was always his passion.

Throughout his working life Brian’s artistic talents have had to succumb, becoming secondary to the practicalities of family life. Brian’s natural artistic instincts and the need to paint were never far away, and this desire to paint caused Brian to start his artistic career in earnest. Initially painting a couple of watercolour paintings these sold and it gave Brian the confidence to exhibit in local and national exhibitions, as his reputation grew so did his achievements. Brian has been awarded the Mail on Sunday Sponsor’s prize by the British Watercolour Society, he has also been received The King’s Hall Cup and the Staedler (UK) Prize at exhibitions by the society.

One of the first things people often comment when they see a collection of work by Brian is just how rich and diverse his choice of subjects are. Brian is an urban and rural landscape artist and over the years he has continued to develop his skills, diversifying into pastels and oil paint mediums, which Brian now feels best allow him to make a connection to what he feels and what he sees.

Brian’s work continues to gain recognition and public acclaim, due to the increasing interest and to cater for demand limited edition prints are now being produced. Brian’s paintings and prints represent collectible works not only in this country but throughout the world.